Our Mission

Everything we do is by design. Our projects, involvement, and business decisions are intentional and fueled by the relationships we build with people and their ideas. Our goal is to use our craft to shape the world into a better place. By creating quality furniture that is designed to facilitate an environment where people can connect, build friendships, and solve problems, we can use our gifts to create something bigger. We can go farther together.


Our collection is designed to be accessible to all scenes and styles. With a foundation in modern, mid-century, and industrial design, our look reflects the environment in which we live. 


We come from a background in commercial design-build so we understand how valuable time and good communication are. We offer industry pricing and are happy to work with you to get the best product for your client.


Our pieces a built to be customized. Each pieces has the ability to be transformed into whatever you've dreamed for your space. We can adapt it to any fabric, wood, or metal color you choose.